SL White granite

SL White granite is gray, very luxurious and easy to mix in landscape and interior decoration, Abrasion resistant, acid-resistant detergent, strong impact resistant.

Type: Granite
Color: gray
Origin: Khánh Hòa
Top: flamed, bush-hammered

Giới thiệu

Main characteristics

Beside diamonds, quartz and steel I have nothing hard as marble. Granite is unaffected by high temperatures and at burnishing temperatures, granite can resist scratching and corrosion by acids. Marble is a very popular natural stone in construction because it possesses beauty that lasts forever. SL White granite is one of the granite stones so it is full of granite features. The color of granite is extremely rich from blue, red, purple, yellow to white, pink, orange, black …, not only monochromatic but also curly lines, spots, scattered particles Swirls make the palette of granite more lively. SL White is very luxurious and easy to mix in decorating the landscape and interior

SL White granite is used in construction items

SL White is a kind of granite that is used in a lot of construction including landscape construction such as flower beds, seats in parks, hospitals, villas, or schools. In the home interior it is also used a lot as the steps of the steps, stairs, front of the house, kitchen table, steps ….

Why SL White granite is used in landscape design and interior design

Because it is durable with time and does not discolor under the heat, with high temperature without crack, so White Suoi Lau is interested investors and is the first choice for the. landscape construction works. Resistant to abrasion, acid-based detergents, resistant to shocks, so white granite streams are wiped away by homeowners who prefer to use the interior design.

SL White granite suit who ?

The white of SL granite is a symbol of luxury, durability such as metal, diamond. White represents the purity of the land and the harmony of the mountains and seas of time and space create such a sustainable rock. Gray color is very easy to coordinate so the homeowner wood, water masonry should use this stone to decorate the interior will bring wealth to the owner.

Tại sao nên lựa chọn sản phẩm đá granite tại Xí nghiệp 380

  • Hơn 15 năm kinh nghiệm khai thác và sản xuất kinh doanh đá tự nhiên.
  • Sở hữu mỏ đá Suối Lau tại Khánh Hòa nên năng lực sản xuất lớn, nguồn nguyên liệu chủ động và ổn định.
  • Là nhà sản xuất chuyên nghiệp, trực tiếp gia công, không qua trung gian thương mại nên giá cả cạnh tranh.
  • Mạng lưới Nhà máy, chi nhánh rộng khắp từ Nam đến Bắc nên chi phí  và thời gian vận chuyển thấp nhất.

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